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    Hi!  My name is Lisa, I'm the owner/designer of LStyle Jewelry.  This is me working out of my home in Naples, Florida.  I spend half of my time there and half of my time in my home office in Norhtern Virginia.  I began making jewelry for myself years ago as a distraction from my diagnosis of late stage chronic lyme disease as well as a hereditary connective tissue disorder.  Since those early days of taking apart old and broken jewelry and making it into something new I finally decided to make my dream a reality and created LStyle Boutique.

    I create handmade jewelry using gold filled, sterling silver and hand-picked gemstones.  I take care in creating my items and want to provide great layering pieces that can be personalized, worn everyday and easily mix with items you already own.

    I believe every woman is unique and special and deserves to feel that way every day.  LStyle Jewelry can be personalized with stamps, charms, gemstones, birthstones etc.  I hope you are able to find something special to fit your personal style.